Why Am I Vegan?

Why Vegan? 

Before I go into the benefits of Veganism, I'm going to take you down memory lane on why I choose to become a Vegan.

Before I went Vegan, I was into the health & fitness lifestyle but I had a "wrong" mindset when I entered into the health & fitness lifestyle. My initial intention was because I wanted to be "Skinnier". Funny thing is I was always skinny but I wanted to achieve that "Model figure" or that "Dream Body." I tried out diets from Paleo to Low-carb to Low-fat to High-protein diet, you name it I've tried it. Till a point where I was obsessed with counting calories that I only ate 2 teaspoons of food & increasing my exercise intensity even higher. That was because I was so afraid of gaining weight.

Later on, I realized I got myself into an eating disorder known as Anorexic. I desperately silently seeking help to recover from this illness (I'm not going too much into my Anorexic story. Click the link here to read about my untold story). Through that painful journey, it led me to a beautiful life-changing lifestyle which I began my Vegan journey.

So Vegan?

When I first heard about "Vegan", I thought it was just another fad diet promoting weight loss or achieving "dream body" etc. It first occurred to me as another "Label diet".  Honestly speaking, I was sceptical about eating a vegan diet so I decided to do more research on it.

I came across a Youtuber by the name of "Freelee the banana girl". She was the very first person who got me into veganism because she shared her stories on her eating disorder and how eating a Vegan diet made her conquer the fear of eating. Freelee shared that through eating a plant-based/ vegan diet there is no need for calorie restriction. Her journey resonates with my past experience on eating disorder so I decided to give it a try. Not only has Freelee shared the benefits of becoming Vegan but she showed the truth behind the Meat, Dairy & Eggs industry.

I've realized becoming a Vegan is not just only eating a plant-based/ vegan diet but it involves in our other choices such as not buying leather products, not using products that are tested on animals or purchasing other products that contribute to animal cruelty. Not only products but in our daily activities such as paying the animal entertainment industry to watch bull fightings, bet on horse-racing or the circus etc. Anything that exploits animals is a BIG NO NO to the Vegan lifestyle.

What made me choose to live the rest of my life as a vegan?

What made me decide to live a Vegan lifestyle throughout my life until today as I speak is because I've discovered the truth and became aware of the whole animal agriculture industry. After further educating myself on behind of the scene in these cruel & inhumane industries, I couldn't bear to see a precious life of an animal being slaughtered just so I could savour them and "making my body into a graveyard" for this beautiful animals. Reflecting back when I wasn't vegan, it pains & disgusts me now that I was once being ignorant & blinded. All it takes is the shift in my mindset, to accept the truth & be humble to change my indecent behaviour. I had to let go of that seed of belief planted by society.

How am I so determined to be Vegan? Do I crave meat?

One word. Intention. Once I knew the truth behind the agriculture industry, I set my intentions clear - I'll try my best to not contribute to animal cruelty or any form of animal exploitation. The reason why I'm so determined was that I started watching a video called "101 reasons to go Vegan." After watching it, I came across this video of how this baby calf was taken away from her mother. And this video breaks & touches my heart. I realized these animals have feelings. They feel emotions- pain, happiness, joy, peace, and other feelings. These beautiful animals have souls too.From that day onwards, I couldn't see meat as a source of food. In fact, it was never a food to begin with.

If you would like to further educate yourself on the truth of veganism, here are the links below.

  • "This speech is your Wake up call" - James Aspey, a vegan activist share his story and journey about Veganism.

  • "Earthlings" Footage of hidden cameras in day-to-day basis in the animal agriculture. 

  • "Best speech ever"- An amazing speaker by the name of Gary Yourofsky. He shares interesting facts, unfold the psychology mind behind the daily choices of human and help you make ethical choices about your health & soul

  • "How to not die." - A presentation by Dr.Mcdougall explains the #1 cause of death and disability - diet.

Did becoming Vegan change my health?

When I was young, I remember my mom trying to shove medicines & cough syrups down my throat to make sure I heal quickly. Gross. I had a very poor low immune system when I was much younger. Frankly speaking, I couldn't even remember when was the last time I was sick after becoming Vegan. Ever since I've turned Vegan back in 2015, I hardly fell very ill. I may catch a few cold but it recovers very quickly in 2 days! I must say, eating a vegan diet does keep my immune system strong. Not only it boosts my immune system but I felt the change in my energy level. Before acquiring a vegan diet, I was always feeling heavy, sluggish & tired all the time which does make sense because consuming meat does require a lot of energy from our digestive tract to break it down. The reason why is difficult to digest is that our stomach acid is weaker than Carnivores. We're ORIGINALLY herbivores, therefore we don't require strong stomach acids to break down fruits & veggies. (To read more about the "Natural Human Diet" click here).

The most cliché questions are "What about protein? Are you getting enough?", "If you don't drink milk, how are you getting calcium?," & "How about Vit.B12?". Don't worry, I got you settled!

Below is a link to your questions:

All you need to know "Nutrition Facts". Founded by Dr.Michael Greger- who shares all you need to know about how to maximise your best health.


Trust me, been there, said that & look where am I now? Here am I sharing a post on why I've decided to go Vegan! All it takes is to set the right intention, give my all & trust the process. I find joy in being a vegan, I look at how by just a simple switch in my diet can bring many great impacts to not only the animals, my health & for the environment too.

Do you know by being simply a Vegan, you could save the world's disaster?

By world's disaster I mean, reducing carbon footprints, solving the issue of world hunger, minimise deforestation & save our resources. We know that these disaster is making our beautiful earth deteriorating. Why is that reducing the intake of meat can simply just reduce carbon footprints, lower greenhouse gases & may stop climate change?

  1. Go Vegan, Save Our Planet - CNN explains why production of meat contributes so much pollution to our environment
  2. Fighting Climate Change - Article written by PETA - an ethical organization for animal on why reducing meat intake may help fight climate change.
  3. Which Vegan food releases less CO2 - Shares about which Vegan food produces less CO2.
  4. STOP WORLD HUNGER - Could being Vegan possibly stop world hunger?


Nuff said your excuses ;) Don't worry I've got you covered & settled! Newbie to veganism? And ready for a whole new life-changing challenge? Let the "Vegan" challenge begin! Your Vegan Starter Kit starts below! Choose any of the Vegan kits that you would love to join.

  1. The Veganuary Challenge
  2. Vegan Easy
  3. Challenge 22

Steps by steps, little by little, one by one, each of us will make a great impact to our beautiful earth. Let us all do our best to give back & restore our beautiful earth with love, compassion, kindness, abundance & joy!