Maybe..Just Maybe.

By Nikita Then October 16, 2017

Maybe..Just Maybe, our purpose here on this earth is to FREE OURSELVES. To truly LET GO. To surrender to the UNKNOWN. To detach from all LABELS. To seek for NOTHING. That’s because we are where we need to be. We are HERE & NOW.

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A message for YOU

By Nikita Then October 11, 2017

Past few weeks or even a month ago, I went on a “self-retreat”. It wasn’t a fancy program I signed up or going on a holiday. It’s more of spending some time with myself -ALONE. Sometimes inside tells me that I needed to SLOW DOWN, TAKE A BREAK & STAY IN TUNE WITH MY INNER…

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Finding LOVE!

By Nikita Then September 25, 2017

I’m a hopelessly romantic person. Perhaps it could be the fairytale books I’ve been reading since growing up. I’ve always had this thought and perception of how love is supposed to be like. Have you ever readcinderella or sleeping beauty? A girl struggling with whatever “life has throw to her” & prince charming come to…

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Something tells me to GO

By Nikita Then September 23, 2017

I felt it immediately. As if it’s calling me to come back. I just knew I needed to go. As I step out the car, the sense of familiarity comes rushing in. I close my eyes and felt it. The cool breeze blowing my hair, The crystal clear water, The sun kiss on my skin,…

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Happily ever after

By Nikita Then September 15, 2017

Growing up, I’ve the best childhood ever. I practically live in the land of fairytales. My room was pink, My bed was pinkish lavender, A wardrobe full of princess dresses to tiaras. A whole collection of 100 different kind of barbie dolls. Not to mention, 5 Ken dolls too. Each barbie has their own castle…

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By Nikita Then September 4, 2017

This post of mine is going to be simple. Today, I’m not going to bombard you with my thoughts. I’ve realised, the world is full of knowledge, opinions, options and just so much things. Indeed is magnificent but can be overwhelming at times. Today, I want you to listen to yourself. Most importantly to your…

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Your reflections.

By Nikita Then September 2, 2017

Have you ever scroll through your photo albums on your phone & saw an old picture of you? It doesn’t have to be a 5 years ago picture but it could also be a year old. There you were, looking back at the old portray of you. Your appearance may still look the same, Your…

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Dive a little deeper

By Nikita Then September 1, 2017

Just like the ocean. The sunshines reflecting the crystal clear ocean. Pretty on the surface. But as you dive deeper into the ocean, That is where the true magnificent beautiesare. Where the real hidden gems of underworld lies. So don’t just show me the surface of the beautiful beaches or ocean, I could alwayslook for…

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Sorry, it’s not ONE way

By Nikita Then August 30, 2017

One knock Second knock Third knock If the door doesn’t open, stop hurting your hand by trying to knock on the same door again. You’ll need to twist and turn your way in. Sometimes the only entrance isn’t the main door. If it’s meant for you, eventually you’ll find your way in even if it’s…

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The shield of protection

By Nikita Then August 29, 2017

The shield of protection. Share your love & positive vibes with others but protect your energy. It’s okay to be selective on who or what enters your circle. Being selective does not mean you’re selfish or egoistic, it means you’re valuable . “You love yourself enough to know who is worthy of your time and…

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