#The Season Of Giving

By Nikita Then December 26, 2017

#The Season Of Giving We know it’s the time of the year again when the fairy lights out, sparkly ornaments dangling on the Christmas tree, the festive songs on the play, the delicious smell of home cookroasted food and the room filled with the joy of our loved ones. December is the season of giving…

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家Jīa – Home

By Nikita Then December 19, 2017

家 家 jiā is one of the most well-known Chinese characters. It’s basic meaning “home, family” is an important element in rich Chinese culture. Today, 家 is widely used to form other words with various meanings, its original use to indicate home or family is still fundamental. Before reading this post of mine, I would…

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By Nikita Then December 8, 2017

Let yourself be free. “Am I setting myself free?” To set yourself free is to let go of all control To be the flow of life To unlock our heart When the phrase “Let yourself free” comes to mind, often we sometimes mistake it as “Ah! I can do whatever I want, who cares?! It’s…

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How to deal with STUBBORN people

By Nikita Then November 30, 2017

“Ah, I’ve told them so many times. They never listen.” “I tried convincing and asking them to change but they never do it.” Have you ever tried advising or telling someone in the hope they understand the message you’re trying to tell them? I’ve been there, done that & trust me, it’s not going to…

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Being With You.

By Nikita Then November 23, 2017

Being with you. As I walk down the stairs made of stone, walking barefooted on the gravel soil into a beautiful hideout by theriver and just immersing myself into the heart of nature – Just to sit in your presence. The warmth of sun rays kisses my skin Dipping my feet into the fresh water…

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By Nikita Then November 16, 2017

FOREIGNER Sometimes honestly, I don’t know myself. Times where I lost touch with me. I wrote about “The Fear Of CHANGE.” in my previous post. I re-read my post and questioned myself, “Do I know who I am?” I’ve mentioned how I’ve changed. From a low-self esteem girl to someone who has confidence, being driven…

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By Nikita Then November 12, 2017

The FEAR of CHANGE Change.“Is change a bad or good thing? Here I am thinking to myself.” Recently I’ve decided to give a close friend of mine a call. It has been awhile since I’ve last spoken to her and I wanted to know if she’s doing well. From “How are you?” turned into “Do…

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What is The GREATEST investment?

By Nikita Then November 7, 2017

What is the greatest investment? First off, the question should be “What is an investment?” According to dictionary, There are 12 meanings for the word “Investment”. In this particular post, the investment I’m writing about is… Here you are thinking, why am I writing a post about investment? Now, I’m going to share it with…

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Dear Universe…

By Nikita Then October 29, 2017

Dear Universe, I’m not asking much from you. In times of struggle, please send me a reminder that everything will be alright & whatever steps I take is leading me to my highest purpose. That my dreams are in my own hand, I’m the creator of my reality. My dreams are already accomplished. I’m just…

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The Lost Art

By Nikita Then October 22, 2017

It’s beautiful how our world is constantly evolving. From burning wood to make smoke messages to written hand letters to asking “Siri” to type our messages. It’s magnificent how technology could bring one closer to another. Just in seconds, both are connected from different parts of the world. Yet within seconds, it could tear both…

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