#3 main reasons why Law of Attraction isn’t working

By Nikita Then January 15, 2019

If you’ve clicked onto this post of mine, you’ll probably have an idea of the Law of Attraction & what it is. However for some, Law of Attraction is completely a new terminology. So, before I begin my post I’ll explain briefly what is “The Law of Attraction”. To put it in a simple way,…

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By Nikita Then January 1, 2019

Dear 2018, Just a blink of an eye, how quickly time flies & this is your last day – 31/12/2018. You’ve taught me a lot in a year alone. I started this year with no new year’s resolution. In fact, I enter this year with absolutely no clue of what to do; with no direction…

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What we DON’T know about PASSION.

By Nikita Then November 4, 2018

Passion. What a popular vocabulary to be used in today’s world. When the word Passion comes into mind, we often relate it to an enthusiastic feeling or intense burning desire we feel in our heart. We long for that burning desire that we find ourselves searching for it. “What is it that I’m passionate about?”…

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Should I STAY or MOVE ON with someone new?

By Nikita Then October 31, 2018

“Nikita, would you stay on waiting for the one person whom you love despite not knowing if he loves you back or feels the same?” Honestly, I think answering that question is tougher than my exams.I had a long silent moment when a friend of mine questioned me.He looked at me waiting for my reply…

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The 2 SDs. No it’s not math we’re talking about.

By Nikita Then September 28, 2018

In mathematics, SD stands for standard deviation but that’s what your math teacher is for. You’ll probably score an “F” in math if I were to teach you about Standard Deviation (SD+-). So what are the SDs am I referring to? The 2 SDs are: Self-developmentVs Self-discovery. Are there any differences between self-development and self-discovery?…

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The human battery

By Nikita Then September 16, 2018

Believe it or not, our world 🌍 runs on frequency waves, energy ⚡️ & light 💡 Sometimes we feel so energised after having a beautiful swim 🏊🏼‍♀️in the ocean🏝; Or it could be coming out from a holy sacred place like a temple 🏯 or a church⛪️ feeling like everything will be perfect. Perhaps hearing…

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The TOUGHEST lessons in life

By Nikita Then July 2, 2018

Who am I? The moment we were born, we were conditioned. Condition by our parents, teachers, friends & society. We were socially conditioned to be a certain way, do certain things & even think certain ways. Society has trapped us in this matrix. The matrix of “standards”. We were trained & taught to fit into…

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How it feels like being a MODEL

By Nikita Then April 2, 2018

How it feels like being a model? One sentence: It is not as glamorous as you think Behind the glamorous makeup, wearing beautiful designer clothing, funky hairdo by hairdressers, pictures were taken by professional photographers & spotlights shining on you, there are many tough stories behind the “glamorous” scene you see. It’s not always glamorous.…

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What is love?

By Nikita Then February 14, 2018

“What is love to you?” My aunt questioned me. I was blank. I couldn’t think of anything. My mind was in total silence. What is love to me? I silently question myself again.I’ve written a post about how I feel about love previously but here I am sitting down on my bed, thinking to myself.…

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To end 2017

By Nikita Then December 29, 2017

2017 I remember the first page of my sketchbook was 1/4 empty. The only thing written was the title “New Years, New Me”. That was it. I kept it empty for a good year and a half till the end of 2016. Where I decided to write what my heart yearns for. Stepping out from…

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