Why I choose “eLead” global

By Nikita Then January 23, 2019

Niki, what is eLead Global? Elead global is a R&D (research & development) company that researches in the benefits of nutrition in plants and how the nutrients in plants can help our immune system. To keep it short & simple, the philosophy of the company is to spread the knowledge of nutritional immunology – which…

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How did my health Journey begin?

By Nikita Then March 2, 2019

The story begins here. It all started back in high school in the year 2013. I wanted a change in life to be much more healthier physically so I adapted the habit of eating healthy & exercising as often as possible. Little did I know, my healthy lifestyle became an addiction. I was overly obsessed…

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The letter that was NEVER sent.

By Nikita Then February 22, 2019

Dear Mr. There are so many things in my mind and heart for a long time that I’ve been wanting to tell you. I remember very clearly on the first day before meeting you, I questioned so much about love. “What is love?” “How does real love is?” “ What is like to be love?”…

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Have we truly “Moved On”?

By Nikita Then February 17, 2019

Someone asked me a question the other day. “How do you moved on and forget someone?” Honestly, I don’t think we can ever truly forget or move on from someone especially if we have a deep emotional connection with them; they hold such special place in our heart. There’s a video by Jim Kwik- “How…

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What is love? pt 2

By Nikita Then February 15, 2019

I remember clearly asking the exact question just a year ago -2018. A year later, I still find myself asking the same question. I guess we can’t really fully explain what or how love should be. For each of us experience love differently. Love is a feeling too; it changes with each experience & every…

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#3 main reasons why Law of Attraction isn’t working

By Nikita Then January 15, 2019

If you’ve clicked onto this post of mine, you’ll probably have an idea of the Law of Attraction & what it is. However for some, Law of Attraction is completely a new terminology. So, before I begin my post I’ll explain briefly what is “The Law of Attraction”. To put it in a simple way,…

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By Nikita Then January 1, 2019

Dear 2018, Just a blink of an eye, how quickly time flies & this is your last day – 31/12/2018. You’ve taught me a lot in a year alone. I started this year with no new year’s resolution. In fact, I enter this year with absolutely no clue of what to do; with no direction…

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What we DON’T know about PASSION.

By Nikita Then November 4, 2018

Passion. What a popular vocabulary to be used in today’s world. When the word Passion comes into mind, we often relate it to an enthusiastic feeling or intense burning desire we feel in our heart. We long for that burning desire that we find ourselves searching for it. “What is it that I’m passionate about?”…

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Should I STAY or MOVE ON with someone new?

By Nikita Then October 31, 2018

“Nikita, would you stay on waiting for the one person whom you love despite not knowing if he loves you back or feels the same?” Honestly, I think answering that question is tougher than my exams.I had a long silent moment when a friend of mine questioned me.He looked at me waiting for my reply…

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The 2 SDs. No it’s not math we’re talking about.

By Nikita Then September 28, 2018

In mathematics, SD stands for standard deviation but that’s what your math teacher is for. You’ll probably score an “F” in math if I were to teach you about Standard Deviation (SD+-). So what are the SDs am I referring to? The 2 SDs are: Self-developmentVs Self-discovery. Are there any differences between self-development and self-discovery?…

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