Nikita Nature

About Nikita

It all started with a smooth sailing journey across the ocean till one day life started crumbling apart...

Little did I understand how life worked. I always have constantly questioned myself. Asking questions based on the 5 W's and 1 H, and always have sought for answers.

You see, life is like a puzzle. It's a journey where you'll find your missing pieces. Along the way, you'll twist and turn to find the right piece to fit. It may be time and energy consuming but once you complete your puzzle, you'll not only see a beautiful picture but you'll find a whole new you.

Someone that is stronger and wiser yet humble and understanding. By completing your puzzle, you've to get up, focus on what you want in life and go out to explore. Seize the moment and live the adventure.

How about that missing pieces you're looking for? Ah, one thing I've forgotten to mention. Your puzzle is magical, the missing pieces will eventually find its way to fit into your puzzle and you'll finally understand why.

Hope on board and let me give you an insight into my world.