The end of an unexpected beginning

The beginning I never saw it coming..

Picture inspired by book “Halo”

“The first day when our eyes first met, I recognized you. I sensed the familiarity in you; that I knew you were placed into my life for a reason.

I connected with you instantly. You felt like home to me. I was constantly wondering to myself, how could this person whom I just met could make me feel so safe & homely.

You were perfect. In my mind, we were perfect together. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out to be a fairytale.

When you left, I was heartbroken. You left without any reason. And for years, I kept on questioning myself- whether have I done something wrong? Was I not perfect for you? If you were happy without me? Am I not worthy enough?

For whatever reasons, we left with unfinished business.

After so many years, the truth has shown itself to me. And the truth is I really did once love you deeply. You taught me to love. You were one of my lessons on love. The biggest lesson you’ve shown me is my path towards discovering my true authenticity & loving thyself. I finally knew why I had to meet you.

Just in case if you’re wondering if I’ve ever truly loved you, I did love you with all my heart.

The lesson you’ve taught me about love has now been completed. With this new love of mine, I’ll know how to love my next lover right. So, thank you.

Love always

“Do you regret meeting certain people in life- especially the ones that broke your heart?”

Love me, love me not…

As much as I might seem very at peace and hold no resentment, I’m only human. We all do get upset, furious, and heartbroken but I’ve come to my realization that sometimes what hurts most is our ego. If we were to release the ego by diving deeper understand why things needed to happen, we will find the answers we’ve been searching for.

So, do I really regret loving deeply to “the one” that left me heartbroken?

My answer is no.

In times of sadness, anger & frustration, sometimes we think of the worst-case scenario but as the storm has passed, we see things clearer. That now, I’ve understood that certain experiences in our life are happening to us to mend past wounds, clearing unfinished business and accomplishing the lessons we needed to learn in life.

And all these experiences placed in our path is ultimately for us to discover our true essence of thyself.

Now, the choices are up to us to make- either live life in a bubble being clouded by dark storms or to journey life with the highest truth, ease, grace & love. We always have a choice. It is up to us to choose.

Some people come into our lives to teach us a lesson; others are here to stay for a while but only a very few we journey life together with.

Nikita Then

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