Written on 14th of July 2019

We have those moments in life where we think to ourselves “Perhaps he/she is the one for me”.

The one we want to spend our whole life with. That’s it. No more searching for the perfect guy/girl, no more swiping on tinder, no more going out to clubs or energy wasted on meeting someone new.

He was close to everything she could have wanted – the cheekiness, charming smile, kind-hearted, genuine, gentlemen, ambitious, compassionate, generous, passionate & loving soul. He was always there for her when she needed encouragement; always saying words of positivity & kindness. He was there to guide her whenever she needed a little help. She loves how much he puts everyone he loves first. She just loves everything about him. She even felt there was a deeper connection between them than just the surface.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fairytale ending we were hoping for. Perhaps it was a one-sided feeling- we were the only one feeling it & not the other.

Sometimes we keep on comparing other people with our past lovers, thinking to ourselves that we can never find anyone like them. Let alone the deep connection we seek for in a life partner, especially how we felt towards them. We thought that we could never love someone else again.

We were on the verge of numbing our feelings. Then again, we questioned ourselves on what have we learned all these while about love? We emphasize so much about how love is unconditionally and pure.

Are we living up to what we preach & believe in?

How could we hate or hold resentment against the person we love for not having mutual feelings as us? How could we fall out of love just because they don’t feel the same?

If we were to not love again due to past “fail” relationship, never did we love at the beginning because pure love is really just loving regardless of anything, indeed.

No, we could never find someone like them nor should we ever try to seek our past lovers in someone else.

But can we ever love someone else again? Yes.

The reason why we couldn’t let a person go is that we hold onto the feeling we once felt for them – wanting to give our best to them, loving them for exactly who they are, feeling vulnerable & open towards them.

At the end of the day, that feeling is just us. It was just how we felt for them. Even if they did not feel the same, it’s okay. We were holding onto the feeling we felt for them. Realizing, we still have the love in us. After all, love is just love.

Just maybe…

We could be vulnerable around someone else again

We could give our best to our next Mr. /Mrs. Right

We could learn how to love them for who they exactly are again.


we could certainly love unconditionally.

Open our hearts & let love be love again.

Note to reader: I do understand sometimes we feel like we can never let go nor can we ever love others again. Truthfully speaking, we can never find anyone to replace past lovers. However, we most certainly can love someone else if only we allow ourselves to do so. It is easier said than done but love is really just love. Perhaps this time, we’ll find the one that is meant to stay in our life.

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