The Neglected Side.

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. I find myself hesitating and holding back while writing this but I shall continue as this is a place for me to share my life journey.

The past 6 months of 2019 has been a roller coaster ride for me. I had days where I feel completely at peace with life- living in the moment, enjoying my life as it is and being grateful for all I have.

However most days, I felt so out of balance and lack of focus. I was quite frustrated with myself that I wasn’t as disciplined as I used to be & not consistent with what I do. Basically, I was all over the place which I had not felt for a very very long time since 2017.

Well, this is life. Isn’t it? I thought to myself.

But no. Deep down I knew there must be something I’m doing which is causing me to feel this “mess” or “chaos” in my life.

I knew whatever that is happening to me in my outer world has a deeper message to seek within myself. After all, I am a firm believer that our reality reflects the internal world in us.

Not until recently, I’ve realized what I’ve gone wrong in the past 6 months.

The reason why I was all over the place is that I’ve neglected myself. I thought I am doing everything to build a good future for myself such as having a part-time job while studying full time in uni, working on a start-up company, volunteering to help my friends with their assignment, attending social events, & networking with potential business partners.

Rushing in & out from the house, running from one end to another and trying to complete everything at once. Most days, I would even skip meals so I could accomplish whatever is it that I’m doing which I don’t even know what I was doing

I was always on the “GO.GO.GO” mode.

Reflecting back on my past 6 months, no wonder I felt like I was in chaos! I was always rushing to the finishing end without setting my right intentions or questioning my purpose on the actions I took.

I had so many things stealing my attention that I’ve not had the time to nurture myself. My mind was constantly occupied with noises and worries like dark clouds & thunderstorms.

I remember throughout the year of 2018 last year, I certainly did not feel what I was feeling this year.

I had a very clear mind and was very consistent with my essential daily routine such as meditating every morning, exercising an hour a day and writing in my self-reflection journal. It was a very peaceful & enlightenment feeling I’ve ever felt.

I was seeking my answer to my problems. What could have I gone wrong?

While I was reading a book called “The 5 am club”, the author stated that majority of us emphasizes so much about our mindset & physical health but often ignore other essential parts of us that are our emotion & soul.

Wait, Niki. What is Heartset, Mindset, Soulset & Healthset?

  • Healthset

Now, healthset is pretty self-explanatory. It means taking care of our physical body through exercising and nourishing our body with wholesome & good food. Back I was younger, I didn’t understand why my grandparents always emphasize on eating healthy food. My grandfather will ensure we have variety of nourishing food on the dining table. As I grow wiser, I knew health is our greatest wealth. My grandfather taught me that health is our greatest wealth; for without good health, we will not live an extraordinary life even if we have billions of dollars.

  • Soulset.

You and I- We are spiritual beings. The billionaire in the 5am club book said that:

“Majority is programmed by the society that is about getting all the goods that will boost popularity, gaining validation and social currency from our selfies on instagram, amount of likes, followers and accomplishing popular results that will give us legitimacy.

However, feeding our spirit—daily—is the activity of genuine leader.”

  • Heartset

In the 5am club book, Robin sharma explains that the heartset is our emotional life. He mentioned that even if we have an excellent positive mindset but our heart is full of anger, resentment, fear, jealousy & sadness we will not live the life we desire because of these toxic feelings are weighing us down.

Often we tend to ignore our emotions by listening to our logical mind but when the negative emotions arise, we find it very difficult to expressed or let go. In turn, suppressing it deep into our core; leaving us “heartless” or “emotion-less” beings.

Therefore, we need to purified, cleansed, released all hurtful past emotions. It’s okay to acknowledge our feelings. Sometimes it’s through our emotions is what makes us human – to be able to feel peace, compassion, love and kindness. If we were to numb away our feelings, how could we ever feel these amazing feelings?

Open our heart.

In summary, mindset is about our psychology, heartset is our emotion, healthset relates to our physiology and soulset is our spirituality.

These 4 interior empire is the core foundation of living an extraordinary life we desire- full of harmony, abundance, peace, love & high-vibrational life.

And that was the answer to my problem.

I had the health & fitness aspect of me nurtured but I did not take good care of my emotional side of me that allows me to listen to my inner self – to hear what my soul truly yearns for. The internal chaos & cloudiness in me was the result of my unaligned mind, soul & body

I’ve forgotten what is it like to take a step back and take a deep breath; to spend time with myself and heal what needed to be healed. It is through this lesson, I’ve learned that our “SOUL” & “HEART” which where our emotions are tightly connected to is as important as our “HEALTH & MIND”.

So I made a promise myself to ensure my daily life covers these 4 interior empire – healthset, mindset, soulset & heartset.

After all, we can have good mindset & be physically sexy but if our heart & soul is not nurture, we will never feel at peace in life.


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