How did my health Journey begin?

The story begins here.

It all started back in high school in the year 2013. I wanted a change in life to be much more healthier physically so I adapted the habit of eating healthy & exercising as often as possible. Little did I know, my healthy lifestyle became an addiction. I was overly obsessed with exercising regularly and started counting calories in every meal I eat.

That’s when I found out I had an eating disorder – anorexia. I was in the constant yoyo cycle of exercising and cutting calories to a point I was becoming unhealthy. Whatever seems to be “healthy” turned into “unhealthy” because I was on the extreme ends. (Life is about balancing). It was difficult for me to pull myself out but I manage to fully recover from it. It has been 5 years now since I’ve recovered from my eating disorder.

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It is all about perspective, mindset & beliefs

From there, I slowly begin seeing food as a source of energy to nourish & provide us with the best nutrients to support our physical body. Instead of thinking foods is our enemy, I see food as a fuel to ensure our body has all the nourishing nutrients needed to live our best life. It’s because of the past experience I had which led me to further my bachelor studies into health & nutrition. So here I am, deciding to create a FB page “Nutri Niki” where I’ll be sharing my nutrition knowledge & the truth behind the health industry.

Got a question?

If there’s any question relating to health & nutrition (if I can answer, haha), feel free to ask me on #Nutri.Niki

A message to you: I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to read and all the support, love, respect & compassion you’ve given me.

Lots of love & light,Niki.

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