Have we truly “Moved On”?

Someone asked me a question the other day.

“How do you moved on and forget someone?”

Honestly, I don’t think we can ever truly forget or move on from someone especially if we have a deep emotional connection with them; they hold such special place in our heart.

There’s a video by Jim Kwik- “How to learn faster & work smarter”. He shares about how we can acquire long-term memory. A key point he mentioned was when emotions are tied with motion it creates a long-term memory.

When I was pondering upon his message on how long-term memory is created by emotions and motions, I then realized why it is difficult for us to moved on or forget someone especially if we had deep emotional connection with them.

So how does “Emotions + Motion” relates to our topic today?

When we create a memory, our emotions were tied with it especially those memories where that has a deep meaningful connection. It is not the person we find difficult to let go but it is the memory and emotions tied with someone that we can’t let go of.; we’ve created enough deep memories & connection that we can’t seem to move on.

Niki, how did the other person moved on so quickly?

*Disclaimer: This is just my point of view & does not apply to everyone*

Well this is going to hurt but I’m going to tell you the truth. Perhaps they are afraid of getting their heart broken again because they know how it feels like being hurt by someone they love; someone they truly have a deep connection with. Therefore, they tend not to “fall deep” into the relationship, they didn’t want to tie their emotions with you.

In other words, they did not feel the same deep connection as much as we felt for them which may be easier for them to move on quickly.

Should I be heartless & not feel at all too?

Am I not suppose to tie my emotions to anyone?

There’s a favorite saying of mine quoted from vampire diaries:

“The greatest thing about being human is that we get to feel joy, sadness, anger, love and to just feel. What’s the point of living when we don’t actually feel ALIVE?”

When we feel, we heal too. As we acknowledge our emotions, we’re able to set it free.

Speaking for myself, sometimes I do build up barriers & walls in me because I know how it feels like being hurt but over time, I realized what’s hurting is my ego. We feel hurt when we love is because our ego was not satisfied or it did not meet the expectation of our ego. A self-less & true love will always just love despite anything.

Love indeed is just love; a true love is we love even despite…

My takeaway message:

It’s okay to be sad,

It’s okay to fall in love,

It’s okay to cry out loud,

It’s completely okay to feel.

When we feel, we heal.

Remember wherever is it we go in life, remember to be in our heartspace & bring our love along.

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