#3 main reasons why Law of Attraction isn’t working

If you’ve clicked onto this post of mine, you’ll probably have an idea of the Law of Attraction & what it is.

However for some, Law of Attraction is completely a new terminology.

So, before I begin my post I’ll explain briefly what is “The Law of Attraction”. To put it in a simple way, the Law of Attraction means having the ability to manifest or attract things into our lives that we put our attention towards it.

The philosophy behind the Law of Attraction emphasizes using the power of our mind to translate our thoughts (positive or negative ) and materialize them into our reality. In simple words, it means whatever we think of will happen in our life.

This law has become one of the most popular topics to talk about amongst spiritual gurus, entrepreneurs, businesses & life coaches. Especially when it comes to helping a person to manifest their desires into reality. Although many do know about the law, however many claims “The Law of Attraction” is nothing but a marketing gimmick or IT JUST DOESN’T SEEM TO WORK.

Truth is, we’re the creators of our life; we create our own reality. We’ve the decision & power to manifest our greatest desire in life.

But Niki, why is “The Law of Attraction” isn’t working?

There are a few reasons why “The Law of Attraction” does not work. The most common answer is we’re not putting in enough “ACTION” for the law to work. It is true in some ways but I’m going to explain in-depth why the law doesn’t work for the majority and what we don’t know too.

Let’s take a look at the 3 MAIN REASONS WHY:

1. Our Internal Belief system

Do you know our belief system makes up our entire reality? Beliefs are actually our thoughts; our thoughts are created by our experiences. Therefore, our thoughts create our reality.

But, Niki..” I think POSITIVE THOUGHTS! Why is it that I’m not manifesting my desires?”

The reason why positive thinking does not work is because of our internal belief system does not align with our thoughts. For examples:

Our thoughts says

  • “Yes, I’m rich.”
  • “I am a billionaire”.

However, our belief system says:

  • “Money is evil.”
  • “Rich people are selfish.”

In other words, there’s a conflict between our belief and our thoughts. Therefore, makes it difficult for us to manifest our desires when we don’t have the “RIGHT BELIEFS” in us. After all, our beliefs are the one which creates our reality.

2. The conflict between CONSCIOUS vs SUBCONSCIOUS mind

Another reason why it is difficult for manifestation to come true is because of the conflict between our conscious and subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is usually the logical and reasoning mind; the mind that is in “THE SURVIVAL MODE” which also talks 99% of the time.

Whereas our subconscious mind is the 1% that talks. It usually communicates with us through our instinct & gut feeling. We could say the subconscious mind is our inner voice and heart.

So why is that manifestation difficult to come true?

When our conscious and subconscious mind is not aligned, it is hard for us to manifest our desires because the universe does not know what we EXACTLY WANT in life. Our conscious mind may desire this particular thing; on the other hand, our subconscious mind wants something totally different. I find it is important to tap into our subconscious mind as it is the one that dictates our REALITY.

So how do I aligned my conscious and subconscious mind?

This brings us to the next step of manifestation- to have clear wants but first…


Not many of us know ourselves well. In fact, it is one of our life journeys to find out who we truly are- the real us.

One of the ways to make manifestation work is to know thyself. When we know ourselves well, only then we’ll know what is it that WE EXACTLY DESIRE & WANT in our life. For if we do not know ourselves well, we’re always indecisive; being frequent minded in life & maybe a little “lost”.

We should spend more time with ourselves to reflect and see what is it we truly desire in this life. What I would suggest is:

  1. Write down our goals/ dreams
  2. Create vision board (As our subconscious mind recognizes picture better)
  3. Visualize our dreams (Feel as if it has happened already)

which brings us to the next step…


By far, this is the most common answer why law of attraction is not working – Not enough actions. It is true we need to put in actions to make our dreams come true.

But why is it so?

The reason why actions are important in manifesting our dreams is because it is a confirmation and affirmation to ourselves that this is exactly what we want. Therefore, we put in actions to make it come true. By putting in actions, it acts like a confirmation that we’re desire the particular thing so badly and want it to come true


Yes! We need to have the patience for our manifestation to come into our reality. Sorry to break this to you but some things in life needs time to grow. Have you read or heard a quote saying:

All good things will come in the right time.

Have patience, my love.

6. Awareness

I find this the most important thing in life- to have awareness.

The reason why it seems like “The Law of Attraction” is not working is because we’re not aware of our surroundings. Sometimes the thing we desire or manifested have come true. It is just we’re so caught up & distracted to even realized what we desire could be just RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

Therefore, it is good to have a vision board to keep track so we could look back and see which of our desires that have come true.

At the end of the day…

I believe the universe is always working in our favor. We are creators of our reality; whatever we desire, we can make it come true. Speaking for myself, I am still creating my life- the things I desire in life, making my dreams come true and so much more. Along my manifestation journey, this is what I’ve found out and would love to share with you. It is also a reminder to myself.

I hope that this post of mine could guide & help you with your manifestation journey. Before I end this post of mine, I would love to thank you so much for taking your time to read what I’ve shared & thank you for supporting me.

Note to reader and myself:

Remember whatever is it you do or wherever you go in life, always bring your heart and love along with you

Lots of love and blessings,

Nikita Then

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