What we DON’T know about PASSION.


What a popular vocabulary to be used in today’s world. When the word Passion comes into mind, we often relate it to an enthusiastic feeling or intense burning desire we feel in our heart. We long for that burning desire that we find ourselves searching for it.

  • “What is it that I’m passionate about?”
  • “What is my passion?”
  • “Where can I find it?”
  • “Will I ever find my passion?”


We take the word “passion” very seriously that it is terrifying and intimidating to not know what is our passion. We read quotes & listen to many self-development or motivational speakers talking about how passion is what brings us far in life.We often relate passion with our hobby, activities or a career.

Not only we relate PASSION with SUCCESS but somehow came up with the equation that PASSION in CAREER equals SUCCESS. To which we think that if we don’t find our passion, we will fail in life; we will never achieve greatness. In turn, it becomes a feeling of fear to not know our passion.

So we desperately cling on to the idea that finding our passion becomes a MUST.For we thrive on that burning desire of passion as a catalyst to push us forward in life – the key to success in life. We automatically think without knowing our passion, we might fail in life or we’re not ambitious, perhaps lack of interest. Therefore, we’re in the constant run to search for our passion.

What we don’t realise is often we search for the outer materials to find our passion, in turn making us relyingon the outer to spark the burning desire in us. When we’re in the search for something in the outer which means we’re lacking in us. Thus, on the hunt for that emptiness – passion. But passion is merely just a feeling;it comes and goes. If we were to rely our success on outer passion, how are we going to sustain our success & growth on passion when we depend on the ignition of the desire in us? We will never know when the passion will rekindle or extinguish.

Why do I FEEL the need to FIND my PASSION?

I often hear many successful CEOs or entrepreneurs sharing about how passion is what brings success and achievement in their life which makes me feel the need to really find my passion. For I once thought, without passion, I might fail in life. I fear of not achieving greatness, therefore I find myself stressing in finding my passion.

So I went on a quest to such for my passion. Reflecting back, I realize I love a lot of things that I do such as pursuing my studies in nutrition and commerce, working out every day, cooking healthy vegan meals and creating beautiful contents on my Instagram“Earthy Nourish” but why is that the burning desire in me doesn’t seem to last long for me to know:


The flame could just spark a little and with a blink of an eye, the flame could extinguish. I asked myself once again, “Where is my long-lasting burning desire? Why is it not strong enough to keep it sustain?”. I find myself wondering and obsessing in finding mypassion because society has tied passion is the ultimate key to success. Thus it is IMPORTANT TO FIND THAT PASSION.

Is Passion really what it is?

While I was stressing out & sobbing over the fact I can’t seem to find my passion, I started questioning myself on the things I do. I find that if I’m not passionate about the things I do, why am I even doing it? It becomes a point where I rely so much on the OUTER MATERIAL to ignite the burning passion in me that I give up easily on the things I “love” when I don’t feel “The passion.”

Although I was in the state of “giving up” because I wasn’t “passionate” in the things I do, it puzzles me even more to find the underlying of what passion really means. I’m a firm believer of “the answer will present itself when the receiver is ready to receive the message.” As I was on Youtube, a video appeared on my home feed with the title – STOP SEARCHING FOR YOUR PASSION.

I watched the video and had a little insight but I did not instantly know the true meaning of passion yet. Although I had a glimpse of the truth of passion, I was still on the HUNT for “what I knew about passion” for months. Not until recently, the truth of passion was revealed to me.

So what is the TRUTH about PASSION?

See, we once thought passion is all about the burning desire feeling in us, we subconsciously are not aware that we are relying on the OUTER to ignite the spark in us. After sharing my deepest struggle on not knowing my passion with others, I finally understand what is the truth about passion. I asked a friend of mine:

” What is your passion? Have you found it? Is this what you’re passionate about “.

I would have expected to hear the typical enthusiastic answer about his passion in a career or hobby. Perhaps worrying about answering my question because he does not know his passion but what he told me amazes and open my mind. He smiled & replied.

” I don’t believe in finding Passion because I can be passionate in all I do. If I were to keep on finding my passion, I will be waiting for the right one to come. I will be just waiting & not doing anything. So I rather turn anything into my passion.”

I was speechless. Out of so many people I’ve questioned about passion, that was the answer I needed to hear. After so many years of knowing about passion, I realise the real truth about it.

What passion is REALLY is.

Passion isn’t only about the feeling that ignites the burning desire. Passion isn’t about a hobby or a career. The start of our passion begins when we FULLY IMMERSE in something or someone. Whether if it’s the things we do, the people we love or even the things we don’t like, we can ultimately turn something into a PASSION. It is our focus, energy and attention that kindles the burning flame in us rather than the outer thing we find to spark our heart. Our passion can be anything for as we put our all in.

Our Passion is in us;

It is up to us to rekindle the spark.

After all, it is not about FINDING OUR PASSION but it is BEING THE PASSION in our life.

So, when someone asks “What is YOUR PASSION?” smile & say, “Passion is ME.”

To end this post of mine, I wrote a quote which I would love to remind us:

Just like love, passion is not meant to be search for in the outer. Rather it is already in us to ignite that burning desire to which in all things in life.

Lots of love & light,


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