The 2 SDs. No it’s not math we’re talking about.

In mathematics, SD stands for standard deviation but that’s what your math teacher is for. You’ll probably score an “F” in math if I were to teach you about Standard Deviation (SD+-). So what are the SDs am I referring to? The 2 SDs are:

  1. Self-developmentVs Self-discovery.

Are there any differences between self-development and self-discovery?

  • Definition

Self-development: The basic definition of self-development isthe process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.

To explain in details,self-development is a process and action taken whereby one further improves themselves, in a certain skill or areas they have to work on. When we improve on the things we need to work on which means we have certain areas we have to become better. In other words, we are lacking askill or having the poor ability in it. Therefore, working to further improve to become a better person.Whether if it is mastering in dance, crafting the best art, reading self-development books or be the best in anything, we’re trying to be better than before.

How about self-discovery?

  • Definition

Self-discovery: the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character. In other words, self- discovery is about knowing thyself. It is the understanding and exploration of our inner being; To know our why’s, purpose, abilities and potential that lies within us.

When we discover our inner being, we find a lot of answers that we’ve been looking is in us. It is to know our deepest desires, who are we and what we really want to be; It is to actualize our potential. For we’re the creators of our own reality. We craft the stories we want in our life. We create our destiny.

So why am I talking about self-development & self-discovery?

Self-development has become the most spoken and popular topic. From motivational gurus to books and even to a business strategy to help others further develop oneself.

When we hear the word “self-development”, the first thought that came into our mind is “we need to become a better version of ourselves.” , “I want to become a better person.” The question is ” What is the better version of ourselves?”

Now,the problem arises when we start measuring our standard of performance or the journey of self-development with a certain standard of “perfect” or “being better”. In turn, we often tend to be very harsh on ourselves. It becomes an obsession to thrive of becoming this perfect thing or becoming better. But what is this perfect thing? Is it society’s idea of perfection we’re trying to be better, so we can fit in? Perhaps “being better” to live in the perception and expectation of others? or are we trying to be better than ourselves?

It is very important at the beginning of understanding our underlying intention of pursuing things such as identifying if are we doing this for ourselves or to please others?

It comes to a point where we thrive so hard to become that “perfect” illusion of society’s standard, we feel lost in the process because we can never reach the state of “society’s perfection”. We’ve become so drained, always in the state of lack that we lose the sense of self-worthiness. The reason behind this is because we don’t know who are we, we don’t know what we want, we don’t know why we do the things we do. So how are we going to further develop ourselves properly when we don’t even know thyself?

Whereas self-discovery is a different process on the other hand. Self-discovery allows us to explore the realm within ourselves – to know thyself. When we embark on our journey of self-discovery, we begin understanding our feelings, what we love, what is our greatest desires, passion, purposes, strengths and weaknesses in us. Self-discovery helps us reflect on past experiences, journey and dive within our deepest sense of being to unleash our potential.

To know which area of our character or skills we need to enhance, we must first know ourselves well. So quit living up to the expectations of others and start living for ourselves.

Self-development or self-discovery?

Both go hand in hand but the ultimate key is having self-awareness. In fact, self-awareness is the main key to all areas of our life. When we have the awareness, we begin asking questions that may guide us in our right path. It taps into our curiosity to figure out more in life and most importantly, to explore ourselves better.

A message to ourselves:

  • The greatest knowledge is to know thyself
  • When we know ourselves, we can be clear and honest with ourselves in which areas of life we need to further enhance.
  • It is not only aboutbecoming this better version of ourselves but it is in being and further exploring the deepest core of our inner self –This is where all our fullest potential lies within. The answers we’ve been seeking outside, in fact, is inside us. When we know ourselves well, then only we can be the best version that we create for ourselves.

Love ourselves to know we are enough, yet have the humility to accept we still have room for self-improvement.

At the end of the day, we create our own reality.; We craft the stories of our life. How do we want to live the best life?

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