The human battery

Believe it or not, our world 🌍 runs on frequency waves, energy ⚡️ & light 💡

Sometimes we feel so energised after having a beautiful swim 🏊🏼‍♀️in the ocean🏝;
Or it could be coming out from a holy sacred place like a temple 🏯 or a church⛪️ feeling like everything will be perfect.

Perhaps hearing the most soothing & calming song 🎶 makes you feel peaceful 🙏🏼.There are even times when we meet certain people 👫 in life that instantly makes you feel so good & vibrant❤️. It seems as if all the problems in the world just vanishes✨.

I call this the high-frequency vibes or energy 💫.

When there’s high ⬆️, there’s low⬇️.
❌Often we’re not aware of the level of our energy/ vibes

As a human, we’re like a living battery🔋.

Everything surrounds us runs on energy or frequency.
Often we’re not aware of how & what we’re spending⌚️ our battery on.
Sometimes, we’re even like a “Powerbank” to others.
Where people just pluck their charger into us🔌.
Without realising, we often leave ourselves depleted 😪& exhausted. 💤

With less than 5% of battery to run,
Looking like a roaming zombie;
Some of our battery is not even working properly.
🌡Leaving us running low all the time.

Here we are thinking, why am I always so tired😴?
This is the time where we have to REFLECT💭, RECHARGE🔌 & RECONNECT🙏🏼.


  • What is it that is sucking my energy🤔?
  • Is it the environment I spent my time in🌲?
  • Is it the negative drama I’m caught? 🤬
  • Could it be the low-frequency song 🔊or words 🗣I hear too?
  • Is it the people around me that drains me up?
  • The junk food I eat? 🍕🍟🌭🍔🍫
  • The drinks? 🍸 🍺🥤🥃
  • Or the post or media I see 👀everyday on FB or Instagram📱?


😌Now you’ve reflected on the possibilities that are leaving you running low,
ask ourselves:
How can I recharge my energy💫?

  • I’ll stop entering into places that drain me out❌.
  • I distance myself from negativity👣.
  • I learn to say “NO” to things that do not bring me to my next best.
  • I’ll be mindful of what is feeding my brain subconsciously 🧠.
  • I purify & filter everything out runs at low frequency.
  • I surround myself with high frequencies🌱.


Unlike a phone battery, we now know how difficult it takes to recharge our own battery.
We’re mindful & aware of how we spend our battery✨

Once the holes 🕳in the battery are patched up;
Outer Chargers disconnected from our USB port; ❌🔌
With time⏰, self-awareness🙏🏼, healing & high frequencies;
Once again our battery is fully charged. 🔋

For we know how it crappy it feels to always be exhausted & drained. 😪
This time around, we protect our battery with a shield. ⚔️🛡

That shield is called “The shield of love” 💝
For love is the highest frequency in the universe. 💓

With our battery 💯charged & protected by the shield of love❤️, how, who & what are we going to use on?

Lots of love & light,
Nikita Then

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