The TOUGHEST lessons in life

Who am I?

The moment we were born, we were conditioned.
Condition by our parents, teachers, friends & society.
We were socially conditioned to be a certain way,
do certain things & even think certain ways.
Society has trapped us in this matrix.
The matrix of “standards”.

We were trained & taught to fit into this “perfect standard”;
Having to be at the top of the top of everything.
For if we do not follow the rules nor the standard society has set,
We were placed in the state of fear, jealousy, competitiveness, judgement, lack, shame & hopelessness – this is the false sense of humanity

We’ve built layers & layers of walls,
Putting on various & various of masks,
Trying to fit into society’s standard,
Being the best in everything but in return,
We’ve lost our inner self.

We look around us, to see all we have.
We did our best, we’ve got all we have.
To only realise, there’s something not quite right.
It feels as if it’s empty, dark, blurry, lack, lonely & uneasy.
What is it that we did wrong? We constantly questioned ourselves.
We did everything society has told us to do, being the best of the best;
Yet there’s something missing.

As we look ourselves into the mirror, we see a foreign reflection staring back at us.
To look into our own eyes, only to see a lost soul.
We start searching high & low, seeking for answers.
To finally ask the right question,

“Who am I?”

Who am I if I’m not my status?

Who am I if I’m not my beauty?

Who am I if I’m not my richness?

Who am I if I’m not my career?

Who am I if I’m not my grades?

Who am I if I’m not what I am now?

Who am I if I’m not all these external material things?

This is where our journey begins.
The journey of knowing thyself.
We start tapping into our awareness,
Trying to break free from the matrix, knowing there’s something more to life & something beautiful in the unknown.
It’s definitely not “ That’s it, I’m done.” challenge
nor an easy test to ace it – an ongoing life challenge.
This is the biggest & toughest lesson.

We will be tempted, held-back and tested with many obstacles, pulling us away from knowing ourself & the truth of life.

Little by little,
Step by step,
With patience & strong inner believe, we will start seeing the truth & clarity of life.
The “REAL” Life.
That “missing” feeling we once felt, will start filling its emptiness itself.

This time around, we come to an understanding that the wholeness & fullness comes not through the external source but our internal being that fills our void.
Filling it with love, peace, happiness, abundance, joy, blessings & all wonders.

The journey of knowing thyself.

We must first learn to unlearn what we’ve been taught, only to learn the truth of life

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