How it feels like being a MODEL

How it feels like being a model?

One sentence: It is not as glamorous as you think

Behind the glamorous makeup, wearing beautiful designer clothing, funky hairdo by hairdressers, pictures were taken by professional photographers & spotlights shining on you, there are many tough stories behind the “glamorous” scene you see. It’s not always glamorous.

Why is it not at all glamorous? Well, let me share it with you. There’s lots of pressure, stress, frustration. Being in this art & creative industry, things need to be PERFECT. It has to be exactly what the artist or designer pictured.

Nikita, I didn’t know you’re a model!

Oh, trust me. I didn’t know this day would come to me too! It was a very impromptu event. I was being called in the morning by my photographer friend to ask if I am willing to do a couture photo-shooting session and catwalk down KL city.

As I write this post of mine, I’m astonished that my sister and I were given the opportunity to walk down the famous street of KL: Petaling Street, modeling for Amanda Brown – an exotic local Malaysian designer clothing.

Never would I have thought that my face would be painted like a piece of art. My bare naked skin was covered with thick luscious make-up, foundations after foundations, different shades of colors on my eyelid, black lipstick & double layers of eyeliners.

As I stare into my mirror, I was frightened by my own reflection! I look like a whole different person.

How was my experience being a model?

Terrifying yet exciting.First off,

  • I’ve no experience in doing catwalk
  • know nothing about the modeling & fashion industry
  • don’t know how to pose
  • no clue I need to tidy my eyebrows before makeup
  • can’t wash my hair on the day of modeling

I had little to no knowledge about the modeling industry yet I find myself doing a catwalk in my 4 inches high heels on rocky roads of the famous street of KL posing in a crowd full of strangers. Luckily my face was painted with makeup that no one could recognize it was me!

The fact that I’m not 6ft tall made it not easy to wear the designer’s outfit because designers tailor their clothing according to the “Standard Size” of the model. Also, I’m so petite & skinny that the designer had to alter & put pins on her clothing so it could fit me.

What stresses me most is to carry the designer’s clothing. I had to be so careful and gentle with my every movement so I would not ruin the designer’s $3k++ worth piece! Especially we had to model outdoor in such humid weather & dirt roads, a heavy responsibility is on me to make sure the beautiful designer piece is returned to the hands of the designer as it is.

I realized being a model, one has to be very disciplined and must be good at taking instructions. Whew, there’s a lot of instructions to be followed such as how to pose, the way to walk, etc.

Would I see myself doing catwalks & runways again?

Haha. Ever since that experience, I’ve to think twice now. Truth is, modeling is very exciting. Not only a model can wear beautiful designer clothing but it helps build a person’s confidence level. To me, I find a person needs to know how to carry themselves well in order to be the finishing touch of the whole art.

Perhaps I’ll stick to just freelancer modeling 😉

What is my biggest takeaway from this experience?

I believe every experience we walked through in life, there’s always something to learn from it. What I’ve learned from this experience is that no matter how tough, hard & nasty a process can be, the final end is beautiful and worth every sacrifice.

When a dreamer/ artist makes their dream comes into reality is something I believe each of us will make it happen.

“For each of us is the artist of our life.

As we picked up the paint brush,

dipped into the colours of faith, passion, love, compassion & trust.

The blank canvas of life will naturally filled itself with magic & wonders” – Nikita Then

A big thanks to:
An amazing Malaysian photographer- Abang Ekamil Razali for giving us an opportunity to collaborate alongside other talented photographers – Mr. Amri, Mr. Ronmad & other photographers.

Also a big thank you to my local fashion designer – Amanda Brown to model her beautiful piece & to the amazing make-up artist – Ms. Jaya & Revathi

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